Silikal system C (MMA)

In­dus­tri­al floors used dry are found pre­dom­i­nant­ly in pro­duc­tion fa­cil­i­ties for the me­chan­i­cal in­dus­try, in ware­hous­es, re­tail areas and ex­hi­bi­tion halls. The choice of Si­likal sys­tem to use is de­ter­mined by the con­di­tions found in these areas. There are a num­ber of dec­o­ra­tive de­sign op­tions which allow vi­su­al as well as tech­ni­cal adap­ta­tion to the par­tic­u­lar area. The rec­om­mend­ed total thick­ness of the coat­ing is ap­prox. 2 – 4 mm.

Substrate Priming Main Coat
Cement screed
Ceramic tiles
Silikal R 51
(concrete, cement screed)
Si­li­kal RU 727 (Asphalt)
Si­li­kal RU 727 + adhesion promotor Ad­di­tiv M (tiles)
Si­likal R 62/SV ap­prox. 1-2 mm (mod­er­ate stress­es)
Si­likal R62/SV ap­prox. 3-4 mm (e.g. fork lift trucks and heavy rolling traf­fic)
Decorations Additional Item Colour Concept
Pig­ment­ed smooth
Coloured flakes slight­ly non-slip
Coloured flakes smooth
Scratch slur­ry with Si­likal RV 368 to Colour Concept

System description