Silikal system D (MMA)

In areas in which significant impact stresses are expected, in cold stores and outdoors where temperature influences vary sharply, coating materials such as SILIKAL® RV 368 resin which are designed to be impact-resistant and elastic should be used. Assuming that the coat is sufficiently thick, any sudden forces that occur can be better absorbed in this way. The recommended total thickness of the coating is approx. 5 – 7 mm ( 2 – 4 mm by request).

Substrate Priming Main Coat
Cement screed
Asphalt (indoors)
Ceramic tiles
Silikal R 51
(concrete, cement screed)
Si­li­kal RU 727 (Asphalt)
Si­li­kal RU 727 + adhesion promotor Ad­di­tiv M (tiles, metal)
­Silikal RV 368/SL ap­prox. 2-4 mm
Si­likal RV 368/SL ap­prox. 4-7 mm
Decorations Additional Item Colour Concept
Pig­ment­ed smooth
Coloured flakes smooth
Pig­ment­ed non-slip
Coloured quartz non-slip
Flexible membrane with Silikal RV 368
Scratch slur­ry with Si­likal RV 368
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System description