Silikal system A (MMA)

A thin coat­ing pre­sup­pos­es that the sub­strate is very even and high­ly sta­ble. Be­cause of the low thick­ness of the layer, a thin coat­ing is suit­able for light to mod­er­ate stress­es. If the an­tic­i­pat­ed stress­es are greater, e. g. fork-lift truck traf­fic, thick top coats are pre­ferred.

The Si­likal sys­tem A is an uni­ver­sal, rol­lable thin coat­ing, 1 – 2 mm, smooth or slip-re­sis­tant, in­door use.

Substrate Priming Main Coat
Cement screed
Silikal RU 727
(concrete, cement screed, asphalt)Si­li­kal RU 727 + adhesion promotor Ad­di­tiv M (tiles)
Silikal RU727 + Filler QM (rollable)
Decorations Colour Concept
Pig­ment­ed smooth
Coloured flakes smooth
Pig­ment­ed non-slip
Coloured quarzt non-slip
Coloured flakes slight­ly non-slip
to Colour Concept

System description