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Food and Beverage Reporter- Silikal

Silikal – a global partner for first-rate industrial flooring Read the article On page 20-21

Overnight Installation

Silikal® commercial flooring application from start to finish at a Golden Corral restaurant located in Texas.

Partners with Silikal

We have partnered with Silikal who are the world leaders in the manufacturing of acrylic resins having been established in 1951.  Whatever your problems, whether it’s a new construction, repairs or renovation: our methacrylate resins are tried and tested heavy duty floor coatings for industry, commerce and crafts, on transport surfaces, in public institutions and […]

We are the Solution

Livingstone Floors repair mortar systems are also used as reliable problem-solvers: to ensure the rapid improvement of holes, cracks or ruptures in concrete, prefabricated concrete or screeding, underline bridge bearings, establish machine foundations or fix heavy-duty sections and components in position. We have the right answer for your flooring problems.  Super-fast curing with no disruption […]